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Rehabilitation to the Soul

Serving the needs to get the Clients to start living lives better through strength in Rehabilitation.

Treatment Descriptions


A key to permanent reversal of pain patterns is in convincing clients that they need to stretch for themselves. To teach that a daily stretching program regimen will help to keep them out of muscularskeletal pain and will restore strength and vitality to the body.


Massage therapists trained in Clinical Massage may use a variety of bodywork procedeures appropriate to the person or condition being treated. Most of these procedures will involve "releasing" the body from a dysfunctional holding pattern developed as a result of the client accomidating to a recent or old injury or bad habit/misuse.


A systematic process of aligning the body to enhance circulation to create symmetry and decrease the affects of the aging process and a need for future surgery.


Please inquire about specialized modalities that address chronic pain, illness and injury. Based on the therapist availibility.

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Therapy Treatments

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